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Holiday Hop is a race to the “End of the Year”, in this historical, hysterical sprint through time.  As you speed around the game, players learn all about events in history such as Paul Revere’s ride, Man’s First walk on the Moon, or even what donuts were used for in the early 1900’s!  The first one to December 31st(New Year’s Eve) wins the game!!!

The game is interactive on a wide range of skill levels, each learning at their own pace for maximum fun. Parents are amazed how often their children play the game, all the while being assured that this family friendly educational game is serving to build a foundation of basic historical facts. (see testimonial’s) 

But wait, there's more… What truly makes Holiday Hop your next family game, is that you become part of it!  Families can customize the game board by adding their birthdays or anniversaries, anything that is special to your family can be added to the game. The game will become a family favorite for years to come.

The directions are simple and it takes minutes to start playing.

Holiday Hop is a great gift for any family with children 4-10. We guarantee it! 

Holiday Hop Game Demonstration:

Players begin in January and start hopping all over the game board. Forward, backward, sideways or even diagonally, positions change rapidly and players travel quickly through the calendar year as they race to December 31st!!!!!




2-5 Players

69 Holiday Cards - history, inventions and fun facts

Spinner - 1-10 spaces on spinner

Calendar styled game board - add any special day to the game!

Rules - quick and easy to play

Sample Cards Demostration:


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